Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Girls Clothes or Empty Promises?

I’m about to admit something that says way too much about me. My name is Courtney, and I like the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon. There. I said it. I know, it’s ridiculously stupid, and maybe even uncomfortable at times, but I find myself laughing out loud, and I’m afraid I even let out a snort or two the last time I watched it.

Why did I just confess this, you ask? Well, believe it or not, I actually find some interesting analogies in the show. Let me explain.

Last week, Napoleon’s friends were upset at each other, so he was trying to find a way to get them to talk. Naturally, he set up a trap. This was no ordinary Mystery Inc. trap, this was a good, old-fashioned, catch-a-rabbit-with-a-carrot trap. Deb came walking into the school hallway to find various signs hanging all around with “Free Girl Clothes” written on them and arrows pointing the way under a giant box propped up with a stick. Well, you can guess what happened: Deb said, “I like girl clothes,” and the next thing you know she’s tied up on a chair in the gymnasium—and no free clothes.

How many times do people offer lovely speeches with lofty promises and high hopes only to end up giving an empty box?

President Obama has dangled many carrots in front of us. He has promised Hope. He has promised Change. In 2009 he vowed, “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half.” He said he was, “taking responsibility right now in this administration for getting our spending under control.”

Well, unfortunately, those carrots have only lead to, that's right, an empty box.

This is what some politicians often do. But we have the responisbility to look past their words at their deeds. We have to look at what sort of person have they been throughout their lives? What are their beliefs and values? What have they done to serve and show leadership and make positive change in others' lives? What sort of country do they want us to be, and how will they help us get there?

So, the next time you see a “Free girl clothes” sign, ask yourself, “Will that really lead me to frilly skirts and ruffly blouses, or just to being tied to a chair in the dark gym?”

I, for one, believe in America, I believe in Mitt Romney. I believe he will lead us back to the America we love, and that he won't be pulling a string to trap us in an empty box full of empty promises.

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