Sunday, March 25, 2012

Parenting Tips

This week I got an e-mail telling about a chance to win a day with Mitt at the ball park in Boston for Patriots’ Day. As one recently popular movie expressed, “It’s hard not to get romantic about baseball.” It’s true. And what could be more American than a good baseball game mixed with even better political conversation? Especially if there are hot dogs and ice-cream involved? Yet, having said that, as much as I would love discussing policy and interesting ideas about government change, I don’t think that’s how my day would go, if I were to win a few hours with Mitt Romney.

I can read his books and study his official web site to find out all about his platform and political beliefs. No, what I would really want to get from him would be his parenting secrets.

You read that right. Parenting secrets. And I’m guessing Mitt would say I should ask Ann. But I’m sure it took both of them to raise such a good family.

We've all heard you can tell a lot about a person by their grandkids. I hope my children reflect what wonderful, faithful people my parents are (so far, so good). Now, I don’t personally know Mitt or Ann, but I do know a couple of their kids and their grandkids. Two of their sons and their families go to church with us, and you couldn't find better people anywhere--and it shows in their kids. They all are kind, generous, hard-working, creative, and funny! Their kids, like most kids, come in, have a snack, then head for the first thing with wheels (and I know at their houses, skates and scooters are even allowed inside, along with swings and slides!). The kids help out at every scout activity or church activity, whether it's cooking, cleaning, or sewing; they work with their parents at the bishop's store house packing and shelving food for the needy; they help babysit the neighbors, they say “please and thank you,” and they do it all with a smile! These kids are good and faithful and not afraid to stand up for what’s right. Clearly they have been taught well by example.

So, when Mitt talks about wanting to preserve the greatness of America for his grandkids, I can put faces to his words, and I know he means it. He's a great man who will be great for this country. And I, for one, would love to know his secrets.

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