Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Rock Star

Last night one of Fox news' reporters said that the Republicans have a rock star--he was talking about Chris Christie. Well, yeah, Chris was great and all, but it was ANN that rocked the house! It was ANN that inspired me as a patirot. It was ANN that made me feel proud to be a mother. And yes, it was ANN that even moved me to tears.

Ann was amazing, reminding us that it is the greatness in each individual that makes this nation the great nation it is. And it's mothers who make those individuals.  She reminded us of the critical roles moms have in America. Moms stand strong when everything else around us is falling down.  Moms have smiles on our faces even when our hearts are aching inside for the struggles of our kids. Moms give up anything and everything to give their kids a chance at their hopes and dreams.  And hopes and dreams are what make up America.  Ann Romney knows that. Moms know that.  And we teach that to our children.  And we want to do everything we can to ensure their possibilities.

My sweet nine-year-old occasionally says to me, "Mom, I'm sorry you have to do so much. Do you like being a mom?" 

My answer is always the same. "I love it.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!"  

And what greater nation is there in the world in which to raise a family? There is no greater place to seek opportunities, gain experience, and reach high and lofty goals.  We cannot afford to let that change in America.  We cannot afford to lose that dream for our children.

Ann Romney reminded the world that under the leadership of her husband, our nation can not only return to the greatness Mitt will never apologize for, but can become even greater.  When we think about our children's futures, we can remove the fear and doubts and replace them with ferver and determination.  Because the possibilites will be there.  The American dream will be revived.

So, my praises to Ann for her remarkable, inspiring words last night.  The only thing that she got wrong was thinking she is the luckiest woman in the world--that prize goes to me, but I suppose every mother feels that way.  She's still a rock star in my eyes!

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