Monday, August 15, 2011

Mitt Romney is so WEIRD!

When my kids go do something fun, or get a new gift, or see a movie they like, they usually describe it with one of the following adjectives:






And the list goes on.

I love words, and I love to see how their meanings evolve. Throughout the last few decades a handsome boy or a nice pair of tennis shoes may both have been referred to as cool, groovy, bad, wicked, gnarly, radical, or maybe dope.

Now, if my daughter wanted to date someone who truly was bad or wicked or even radical, I would not want that. If a pair of shoes were truly cool or gnarly I wouldn’t want that either, especially in winter.

But, of course, words often have more than one meaning, especially when adopted by teen-agers. So, maybe that is what is happening with the Obama campaign’s alleged plan to portray Mitt Romney as “weird.”

Let’s take a look at a few of the “weird” aspects of Romney’s life:

He has been married to the same wife for over 40 years—weird.

He has five boys—weird.

He doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee—weird.

He doesn’t smoke or do drugs—weird.

He goes to church on Sundays—weird.

He is highly educated (JD/MBA from Harvard)—weird.

He does yard work—weird.

He has devoted years of volunteer time to his church—weird.

He donates over 10% of his income to church and other charities--weird.

He has great hair—weird.

He wants to be President—weird (well, maybe).

I think you get the idea.

Here’s my prediction: by the end of next year you will be hearing your kids use the word “weird” in place of “awesome” or “cool,” as in, “Did you see Harry Potter? It was so WEIRD!” or “That last minute winning score was WEIRD!” or maybe “Wow, the cute new kid is amazingly WEIRD!” And, of course, “That new President Romney is totally WEIRD!”

Maybe Obama's person in charge of this whole "weird" attack actually is a plant from the Romney campaign--you know, some Republican teen-ager on the cutting edge of language. Wouldn't that be weird?

Move over crop circles and two-headed snakes--there's a new "weird" in town, and his name is Romney.

Have a really weird day!

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