Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peter Gabriel and the American Condition


Last week my husband took me to a Peter Gabriel concert.  It was great.  It was fun. It was loud.  It was rocking. It made me feel young, except when I’d see people putting on their reading glasses to see which seat their tickets said, and when part way through the concert I thought, “Wow—I wonder how late it will be when Peter finally gets to sleep? Poor guy.”

Now, you may be wondering what Peter Gabriel has to do with voting for Mitt Romney.  Well, one of the crowd favorites was a song called “Don’t Give Up.”  I have always liked that song, but it meant a bit more to me now, and here’s why:

My teenage son come home from school totally despondent last week.  When we sat down to talk about what was wrong, I was surprised by his response:

“I’m really worried about our country and my future.  The way it looks, people are going to be voting for a president whose actions are going to have a huge impact on me, and I have no say in it! Now I may never be able to do the things I’ve always wanted and hoped for.”

He was sincerely concerned.

I’m pretty sure that when I was his age, I worried more about the next dance, or next test, or possibly the Cold War, and probably the latest Duran Duran hit (I totally just dated myself).  But I was pretty confident about my future and about our nation always being the greatest nation in the world.

I wasn’t quite certain how to respond to my son.  I didn’t really know how to make him feel better, how to not give up on the older generations or on America.

Well, Mitt Romney did a pretty good job of taking care of that for me.  My son was watching that same night when Romney knocked the presidential debate out of the park. 

In one night, Mitt restored my son’s hope in the nation, and in his own future.  Through Mitt’s resolution, ideas, confidence, and knowledge, my son recognized that there are still great leaders out there who will do all they can to keep America the strongest and brightest nation in this world.  Mitt lifted my son’s hopes on a very personal level.  And lifted mine too. I fully believe he will once again reassure us all tonight, too, because of his ideas, his leadership, and his belief in America's greatness.

That is the kind of person we need leading this country—one we can believe in, who can encourage us, and is an example of the kind of person our kids can look to and hook their own hopes and dreams.  One who inspires us not to give up, because we know he never will until he has done everything humanly possible to secure our personal liberties and our nation’s place as the greatest on earth.

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