Saturday, September 10, 2011

Perry's All Hat and No Cattle

In the words of my Texan husband, Rick Perry is “All hat and no cattle” when it comes to presidential substance. Well, I admit I’ve never heard that particular saying, but I think it “fits better than J R Ewing’s cowboy hat.” Ok—I’m not from Texas, so I’m not practiced in the art of Texan phraseology, but you get what I mean, especially if you watched the GOP presidential debate this week.

Perry made his debut at the Reagan presidential library, and he did an ok job. The only problem is that we don’t want an ok president. We want an outstanding president.

If we wanted a president with not much substance who could utter practiced responses, well, Perry would be our choice. If we wanted someone who could side-step questions and turn issues into talking points, Perry would be the one. He'd be ok.

If we want a genuine, super-intelligent, future-focused president who not only sounds and looks presidential, but thinks presidentially, Mitt Romney is our man. If we want concrete plans, solid understanding, and clear vision, we want Mitt Romney. If we want someone who knows what America needs and how to accomplish it, we want Mitt Romney. If we want an outstanding president, we want Mitt Romney.

As my Texan husband might say, Mitt Romney has got both "the hat and the cattle." He's clearly the outstanding choice.

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