Saturday, September 3, 2011

Talk of the Town

Should I be excited next week to hear the President’s plan for job creation? I’m trying, but I just can’t get up the enthusiasm. I’m just not sure I can trust him or even take him seriously.

Not too long ago he recommended that we spend money now to stimulate the economy, then start living within our means. At a very difficult economical time in our nation, he chose to take a long and less-than-frugal vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have vacations, but were the timing and the location wise? It appears the Blue Heron Farm where the Obamas stayed rents for around $50,000/week. Of course, that’s just the house. Then there are the helicopters, planes, entertainment, food, staff, secret service, and golf to throw in to the cost. I suppose they are vacationing as much as they can to hold up the “spend now” part of his advice. But if I’m helping to foot those bills as a taxpayer, well, that isn’t within my means.

Recently President Obama admonished the car companies to stop building trucks and SUV’s and just make small cars to save fuel. But then, once again, he took Air Force One on vacation and sent his family a couple of hours ahead of him on a separate jet, not to mention all the vehicles in the motorcades on the ground (and I don’t think any of those vehicles is a Prius).

The President promised to get serious about reducing debt and deficit. Since the start of his presidency the national debt has increased by $3.5 trillion. Currently the national debt is over $14.2 TRILLION.

He said the Administration’s stimulus package would keep unemployment under 8%. It hasn’t been that low his entire presidency.

He said he would have the troops out of Iraq within 16 months. Still there.

Obamacare—that word says it all.

Earlier this year he called for more civil and honest discourse—I’m still waiting for that from him, but I’m not holding my breath for Thursday night. In fact, with cub scouts, two soccer practices, and homework, I’m guessing I’ll be lucky to catch a breath at all that night.

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