Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disaster on Many Fronts

My heart goes out to all those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I’m so happy to see our first responders getting in and putting forth such tremendous effort to help people. I can’t imagine the nightmare they’re all going through. The immediate, temporary help is wonderful!

But I just ache for them when I think about what their life will be like when the responders are gone, temporary assistance has run out, and they have to try to get back to their regular lives.  

Disasters are hard when times are good.  What about when times are bad? When you’ve lost so much, how do you recover when the economy is in such a horrible state? We have to get it turned around.  So many Americans are trying to recover in some way or another. Now Sandy has only added a layer of nightmare to the whole recovery process.

The current economic situation has been so hard on the states, they can’t afford to pay for disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy.  Some states are asking the feds to pay 100% of the bill. See, many states are required to balance their budgets, but the federal government is not, so they can just keep on dishing out money they don’t actually have (hence the $16 trillion debt). But that can’t go on forever, especially when we are already in such a deep abyss—our debt simply isn’t sustainable.

Now more than ever we need a president who knows how and is capable of turning things around in the long term. We need a president who can get our economy back on track. We need a president who can give Americans the hope that he can make our country better because he’s shown he knows how and can do it.  We need Mitt Romney for president.

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