Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forget Grandiose, Return to Simple Basics

My husband and I have been discussing how Gingrich has embraced his being "Grandiose" with grandiose ideas. Well, here's our conclusion:

We don’t need grandiose ideas.

Grandiose ideas are expensive. Remember FDR and the foundation of our grandiose, excessive entitlement state? Look at Europe and their grand experiment in economic equality where the government takes care of you, cradle to grave.

Grandiose ideas only serve to self-aggrandize the person behind the grandiose idea. Fancy that sort of thing coming from Gingrich.

The problems we face do not call for grandiose ideas.

What our nation needs right now is not grandiose ideas, but a return to simple, foundational principles – principles recognized by our Founders:

  • Liberty--freedom is good.

  • Work--hard work is good.

  • Opportunity--opportunity to succeed on one's own merits is good.

  • Success--of course, success is good.

  • Charity--charity, person by person, is good.
  • Smaller government--States and local governments (closer to the people) can generally do things better than the federal government, and that is good.

So, instead of coming up with attention-grabbing, expensive, grandiose ideas, what we really need to do is remember and get back to our simple principles. Those are largely what is required to return to the America we believe in and love.

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