Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Desperate Housewives, Just Desperate Politicians

In a desperate attack against Mitt Romney, a Gingrich super PAC recently released a film trying to disparage Romney’s work at Bain Capital. However, today Fox news showed an interview with two men featured in “King of Bain.” Tommy Jones and Mike Baxley were “angry” and “frustrated” with how their words had been twisted and taken out of context to attack Mitt Romney and Bain.

Neither man was informed that their comments were being used in a film about Bain and Mitt. Both men had worked at Unimac, a company taken over by Bain. Tommy and his wife were shown talking about their fears of not having insurance or income, as the ominous voice-over explained how “their brush with Mitt Romney and Bain nearly tore their family apart.” Well, in the Fox interview Tom explained that those clips were completely out of context. Tom had been talking about his experiences of later trying to go out on his own to start his own business years later. In fact, once Bain took over the company, Tommy said, “Everybody at the company received raises.” He said he went through “two promotions while it was under Bain.”

Mike’s clip in the film was his talking about how Bain shut their doors and he lost his insurance as his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Mike explained that the time he was talking about was after Bain had sold the company and he was going out on his own as well. He was talking about entrepreneurship, and had made that clear to the filmmakers. They took it out of context completely. They even had him sitting in an “extremely hot room” where he had to wipe a bit of sweat away, making it appear Mike was crying.

It was a bit maddening watching this interview. In fact, my teen-age son watching with me said, “Shouldn’t that be illegal to twist people’s words like that?” But I admit I laughed out loud when Megyn Kelly asked if the two men had decided who they were supporting. Tommy is undecided, but Mike got a big smile on his face and declared that, although he’s still planning to wait until Mitt gets down to Florida, after a lot of research he is really leaning toward Mitt Romney. Oh, the irony. Can we call that poetic justice?

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