Friday, January 6, 2012

Time for a Time Out

Have you ever watched toddlers play? When they want something they may ask for it, even try “working things out,” but in the end they just grab it or go crying to Mommy. We seem to have seen this same kind of play this week when Obama made his recess appointments when there wasn’t really a recess.

President Obama just named Richard Cordray as director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and also appointed three other people to the National Labor Relations Board. All of this was done while the Senate is actually in session (according to the Constitution). The Constitution requires that if the Senate is in session, the President must have their advice and consent for the appointments.

Forget checks and balances in the three branches of government—what about the presidential oath to defend the Constitution?

This was a sort of power play—I want it, and I will get it, no matter what. But in what he may have intended to be a show of stubborn strength, Obama just ended up showing desperation and childish weakness (not to mention lack of understanding and upholding the Constitution).

When a child grabs a toy away we cut him some slack because he hasn’t fully learned how to take turns and act rationally. But he still might get a time out.

When the president just grabs what he wants he’s showing similar traits. He is demonstrating his lack of ability to work together, follow the rules (Constitution), negotiate properly, and in general play fair with the other kids.

Well, the consequence is obvious--I think it’s time our president had a good long time out.

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